What Vacation?

Leaving for the airport at 4:45 am we never would have guessed that our fabulous NYC vacation would take a dramatic turn and we’d end up in Hot-lanta!

After being deplaned twice due to bad weather in NYC we decided to make the best of the delays and stay the night in ATL.  NYC would still be there early in the morning awaiting our arrival. Maybe we didn’t think this thing all the way through because it was only after we changed our tickets we realized that while we are staying in Atlanta, our luggage was on its way to New York.


Thank goodness we are not afraid of a little adventure. After all, we were planning on vacationing in a city that was predicted to be hit by a hurricane. No big deal, right?


This is how we spent our 48-hour vacation. We owe it all to Hurricane Irene.

3 hours of sleep, deplaned twice, swear I saw T-Pain, 6-hour flight delays, 4-star hotel, rented a Camaro, cat-called in downtown ATL, dinner at Gladys Knight’s Chicken & Waffles (legit!), Target run for panties and a toothbrush, reality sets in, rescheduled flights back to San Antonio, 3 more hours of sleep, re-route luggage from NYC to SA, gate change, last ones to board the plane, back in San Antonio, $1 martinis, power lunch, rescheduled trip to NYC.

We laughed more and more as the hours went by. This WOULD happen to us and we were determined to make the best of it. And we sure did!

New York, I’ll see you at the end of September. You better act right this time!

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3 Responses to What Vacation?

  1. Joy.Mac says:

    You were in my city and you didn’t call me?????????!!!!! Are you serious?!!! Are you serious? Really? You were in my city. and. you. didn’t. call. me.

    • JOY. I sent you a LOOOONNNGGG text message letting you know the situation and the plan. It was pretty late after we settled and I sent the message and it wasn’t till the next morning when I was finally on the plane that I realized you never responded. I didn’t think much of it because I was gone anyway and since my message said when I was leaving I figured you knew. Not contact you when I was in your city?? Are you kidding me. Of course I tried! Either I have a wrong number or there was a function malfunction…I even told my friend that was with me that I hoped she’d get to meet you! bleh…this is no bueno.

  2. Joy.Mac says:

    I never got a text message! OMG!!!!!!!!! RARRRRRRR *uncontrollable rage at cell phone towers* You should have just called. Any hour of the morning is fine with me since I’m always up. I can’t believe it! I missed a chance to hang out with you in my own city! I’m so disappointed. -_-

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