I’m Losing Steam

Several weeks ago I wrote about the ridiculous challenge I accepted to run a 5K. I’m still rolling my eyes in disgust at the thought of it. I am now 4 weeks away and I’m nowhere near being as prepared as I’d hoped to be.

I’m losing steam.

After the first couple of weeks my knees started to hurt so I tried all the most popular online remedies. Buy new shoes, stretch more, start off at a slower pace…etc. But my “favorite” had to be the suggestion to take glucosamine and chondroitin supplements. Seriously.

After finding the correct supplement at the vitamin store I began to skim all the different containers to compare. That’s when I saw it, the headline that made me gasp…

“Advanced. Triple Strength. Starts to comfort sore joints due to arthritis in less than 7 days!” ARTHRITIS?!

I’m sorry. Lets put this one back on the shelf and find one that doesn’t have arthritis splashed across the front! But I cant. BECAUSE THEY ALL SAY ARTHRITIS! After much deliberation I found the one that was the least obvious and promised the fastest results. Walking up to the counter to pay I felt like I was 15 again trying to buy cigarettes hoping my shifty eyes weren’t a dead giveaway that I WASN’T OLD ENOUGH! What if I got carded? Didn’t you have to be older than 45 to have arthritis or even buy arthritis related products?? Were they going to offer me a discount on Metamucil or Ensure at the register too!?

Perhaps that was a slight overreaction. (no it wasn’t)

I began taking the supplements as directed and within a few days – nothing. My knees still hurt. I decide to give the knees a “rest” by skipping a morning run here and there and guess what happened? One day turned into 2 that turned into 5 that turned into…

And I’ve lost my steam.

But my knees feel great! Was it the semi-permanent rest? Was it the magic arthritis candy? Who knows…?

Reality check…I’m still doing this. I’m running my first (and quite possibly my last) 5K on October 1st. I’m not sure how (or why) but I will.

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