Pinterest, You Are a Big Nasty Tease

If you have no idea what Pinterest is feel free to move on and not read this post. You’ll likely be bored. But if you are a fan, as I am, I hope you’ll enjoy my little rant.

The most frustrating thing about Pinterest is when I find something that is completely amazing, click on the link to where this new treasure can be purchased and then…nothing. It came from nowhere. Or its just an image that has been re-pinned over and over no one knows where it even came from. Tease.

Am I the only one who can’t search for friends that I know have an account but can’t seem to find them because they don’t have a Twitter account or we aren’t actually friends on Facebook to sync the contacts? If this function does exist please feel free to educate my annoyed little soul.

Why is Pinterest so addicting??? Seriously! I can spend hours just pouring through random STUFF. And I’ll “Like” and “Re-pin” till my heart is content, but I’ll likely never actually attempt  half of the DIY projects that grab my attention. However, I have made some cupcakes I found on there, and they were fantastic!
Bacon & French Toast Cupcakes

I am officially addicted to Pinterest. Everything on there is wonderful and I can never have half of it. Pinterest, you are a big nasty Tease, and I love you for it!

You can follow me on Pinterest too!


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1 Response to Pinterest, You Are a Big Nasty Tease

  1. I hate when people pin Google images or things without track back links! Argh! I try my ABSOULUTE best to make sure my pins have a resource.

    Like you, I am totally addicted to Pinterest. I’ve used it to make three desserts for Thanksgiving, decorate my classroom, and to get inspired by clothing ideas!


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