There’s a Pie in That Cake!

Let them eat cake! And Pie. Together.

Welcome the Piecaken.

If you know me, you know I love to bake. I was given the challenge to make a Cherpumple a while back but the size of that monster was really intimidating. Next best thing? The Piecaken. So what is a Piecaken? Its basically a pie baked inside a cake. Simple, yeah? Well…I’ve seen this guy all over Pinterest and a couple of bloggers I follow actually made one. It didn’t look half bad. Or half difficult. Why not give it a whirl?

A friend of mine, who I would describe as a Crossfit-Paleo health nut, is also a closet monchie. (define Monchie: lover of all things fried/sweet/savory and bad for you) And it also happened to be his birthday. What a great time to force him to fall off his gluten-free wagon and give in to my urge to try this thing out. I decided on a simple combo that I thought would taste good. Apple pie, vanilla cake and cream cheese icing. Done.

So first thing I did was whip up an apple pie. Bake. Easy.

Then you whip up some cake batter. Pour about ¼ of the batter into a large enough pan to fit both the pie and the cake. Plop in the beautifully baked pie and pour the rest of the cake batter on top. This is pretty much the part where I thought, ok this is gonna be a big soggy mess, I just know it! But to my surprise, it wasn’t! Fully baked cake (with a pie inside). Done.

Once this sucker cooled I generously covered it in cream cheese icing. Come on, who doesn’t love cream cheese icing?!

Delivered the cake to a very excited monchie. All was right in the world.


I will definitely attempt this again. I’m going to try a less gooey pie, something more stable like pecan pie or pumpkin pie. Also, the pie was quite heavy and sunk pretty much to the bottom so I’d like to try a smaller pie and hopefully get this to float in the middle next time.

Here’s to round 2! Cheers!

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1 Response to There’s a Pie in That Cake!

  1. Patsy says:

    Wow, I’m so impressed! I want to try doing that now. And you did a great job decorating it too. Move over Martha Stewart and Betty Crocker! =)

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