I’m Losing Steam

Several weeks ago I wrote about the ridiculous challenge I accepted to run a 5K. I’m still rolling my eyes in disgust at the thought of it. I am now 4 weeks away and I’m nowhere near being as prepared as I’d hoped to be.

I’m losing steam.

After the first couple of weeks my knees started to hurt so I tried all the most popular online remedies. Buy new shoes, stretch more, start off at a slower pace…etc. But my “favorite” had to be the suggestion to take glucosamine and chondroitin supplements. Seriously.

After finding the correct supplement at the vitamin store I began to skim all the different containers to compare. That’s when I saw it, the headline that made me gasp…

“Advanced. Triple Strength. Starts to comfort sore joints due to arthritis in less than 7 days!” ARTHRITIS?!

I’m sorry. Lets put this one back on the shelf and find one that doesn’t have arthritis splashed across the front! But I cant. BECAUSE THEY ALL SAY ARTHRITIS! After much deliberation I found the one that was the least obvious and promised the fastest results. Walking up to the counter to pay I felt like I was 15 again trying to buy cigarettes hoping my shifty eyes weren’t a dead giveaway that I WASN’T OLD ENOUGH! What if I got carded? Didn’t you have to be older than 45 to have arthritis or even buy arthritis related products?? Were they going to offer me a discount on Metamucil or Ensure at the register too!?

Perhaps that was a slight overreaction. (no it wasn’t)

I began taking the supplements as directed and within a few days – nothing. My knees still hurt. I decide to give the knees a “rest” by skipping a morning run here and there and guess what happened? One day turned into 2 that turned into 5 that turned into…

And I’ve lost my steam.

But my knees feel great! Was it the semi-permanent rest? Was it the magic arthritis candy? Who knows…?

Reality check…I’m still doing this. I’m running my first (and quite possibly my last) 5K on October 1st. I’m not sure how (or why) but I will.

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What Vacation?

Leaving for the airport at 4:45 am we never would have guessed that our fabulous NYC vacation would take a dramatic turn and we’d end up in Hot-lanta!

After being deplaned twice due to bad weather in NYC we decided to make the best of the delays and stay the night in ATL.  NYC would still be there early in the morning awaiting our arrival. Maybe we didn’t think this thing all the way through because it was only after we changed our tickets we realized that while we are staying in Atlanta, our luggage was on its way to New York.


Thank goodness we are not afraid of a little adventure. After all, we were planning on vacationing in a city that was predicted to be hit by a hurricane. No big deal, right?


This is how we spent our 48-hour vacation. We owe it all to Hurricane Irene.

3 hours of sleep, deplaned twice, swear I saw T-Pain, 6-hour flight delays, 4-star hotel, rented a Camaro, cat-called in downtown ATL, dinner at Gladys Knight’s Chicken & Waffles (legit!), Target run for panties and a toothbrush, reality sets in, rescheduled flights back to San Antonio, 3 more hours of sleep, re-route luggage from NYC to SA, gate change, last ones to board the plane, back in San Antonio, $1 martinis, power lunch, rescheduled trip to NYC.

We laughed more and more as the hours went by. This WOULD happen to us and we were determined to make the best of it. And we sure did!

New York, I’ll see you at the end of September. You better act right this time!

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Happy Birthday Los, We all turn 30 eventually.

When its your time, its your time.
Tonight I conspired with an impromptu 30-year birthday celebration for  a friend of mine. While I may have been the only “lady” in the crew, it was a lot of fun and I’m glad I got to be part of something really important in my friend’s life.

I’m 30. Its not all that fun.

Ok, not really, it kind of is. Thirty is the age where you can still not have a real career in place but still be on track for your “Masters Degree” and all that is ok.

Except its not.

To my friends who are in the age range of 30 -35…I feel your pain. I believe in you. And I’m living it all with you one day at a time. (Unless you have kids…you are riding solo on that train) I am you and I’m happy for you and what you have accomplished so far!

So maybe you have a couple of cats (me), maybe you live in an apartment you hate (me), and maybe you’d rather be on the beach instead of doing a really important presentation in the morning (me). But hey, at least we still have our best years ahead of us and life is really the journey ahead!

Happy Birthday Los! And Happy Wednesday to the rest of us!

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I’m just resting. I swear.

I’ve woken up at the god-forsaken hour of 6 am, 3 days in a row to go for a run and I’m already prematurely calling myself a runner. I’m pretty much setting myself up for failure.
I’d like to say that I came to a place of self discovery and enlightenment which evolved into a complete examination and overhaul of my life and health where I find myself compelled to wake up for a brisk run each day.

But that’s a load of crap.

Truth is, my 36 year old cousin, who is probably in better shape than any 20 year old, challenged me to run a 5k in 10 weeks. And my pride accepted. Not me, my pride.  I would have never accepted this challenge. Why? Because I DON’T RUN! I’m not really a person who takes to sweating very much. I kinda hate it in fact. And even as I write this I’m quite surprised that I’m not texting her at this very moment to say, “You win! I give up!”

Its the pride again.

For the record, I can’t even run a mile without stopping several times and panting like a dog who hasn’t had a drink of water in 6 days. I’m not even joking. If you drive by my street and see me collapsed on the sidewalk, keep going…I’m just resting. I swear.
So I guess I will continue to ravage myself for 10 more weeks until this is done. My body is killing me. I’m walking like an old lady, but not in public. I’m a runner after all and I have a reputation to uphold.

October 1st… I WILL OWN YOU!

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Wedding: Elizabeth Barrera

For a girl who wears minimal makeup, it was important for her to look as natural as possible but still achieve that flawless look for photos on her big day. Natural makeup is one of my favorite things to do and Liz was the perfect bride to showcase how natural makeup can still provide incredible impact.

I used Temptu Pro Airbrush makeup. It lasts all day and is completely waterproof. Natural bronze eyeshadow and Smashbox Jet Set waterproof eyeliner. To plump up her naturally long lashes without adding gobs of mascara, I used a single strip of false eyelashes just to give her eyes a hint of flirt. Cheeks were dusted with my favorite NARS Blush. Mauve lips completed the simple yet sexy look.

Jason & Liz are a sweet couple and I’m so happy to have been able to be part of this awesome day. The ceremony was sweet and I fought back tears the entire time. Congratulations Jason & Liz!!!

* photos: Philip Glickman Photography

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Whole wheat pancakes? Really?!

I was in the mood for some pancakes tonight. I decided to make some whole wheat pancakes (don’t ask me why, just roll with it). THEY WERE GROSS.

I typically like wheat so I assumed that the pancakes would be a “healthy” alternative to the sugary breakfast food. Boy was I wrong. It tasted like I was eating mushy cardboard…slathered in butter and syrup. And that’s when it hit me, I can pretty much eat anything as long as its covered in butter and syrup. And I’m ok with that.

Moral of the story kids, don’t mess with a good thing!

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I’m terrible at trivia but I love to pretend I know what I’m talking about! Ask me a question and I’ll throw out the first thing that comes to mind that could possible be the right answer. Toss in a ton of confidence in my answer and I feel like I’ve already won. But I didn’t.

Wednesday nights in ATX is trivia night at Pluckers Wing Bar on South Lamar. Its tons of fun and if you have a chance to make it out there you totally should! Plus, their mac & cheese is pretty much TO DIE FOR! Don’t get me started on their sweet tea and of course, whats a wing bar without beer!

Tonight’s team name: Makers Mark Paul Gosselaar…we lost.

Zack Attack

Not even Zack Morris could help us win

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